About Us

Bill Ferrell, retired Sheriff

Bill Ferrell retired after 28 years as Sheriff of Scott County, Missouri. Scott County is located in Southeast Missouri, south of Cape Girardeau, along Interstate 55. During his tenure as Sheriff, he was instrumental in getting a new Sheriff's Office and County Jail constructed. Scott County was one of the safest places to live and raise a family in the area. During his seven consecutive terms in office, there were no unsolved homicides in Scott County.

Sheriff Ferrell started the DARE program in area schools and gave away almost 10,000 bumper stickers that asked people: "Have You Hugged Your Kid Today?" He and his deputies fingerprinted school children from kindergarten to high school and gave away thousands of fingerprint cards to parents to keep in a safe place, "just in case" the need ever arose for an identification by prints of a missing child.

The Sheriff organized a mounted Posse that was utilized on several occasions to locate missing children and adults, and performed at the esteemed Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo and at other special events such as the Veiled Prophet(VP) Parade in St. Louis.

Brenda Schiwitz

From the first day of Mr. Ferrell's tenure in 1976 to his last day, December 31, 2004, Brenda Schiwitz was a member of the Sheriff's Office. She began her law enforcement career for the former sheriff, John Dennis, and continued in that capacity for Sheriff Ferrell. She moved up the ranks to Captain and was a DARE instructor for several years in area schools.

Brenda teaches at the Law Enforcement Academy at Southeast Missouri State University, conducting classes in criminal law, Missouri Statutes, investigating child abuse, domestic violence and rape.

As a criminal investigator, she conducted investigations from homicides to child abuse and was a member of the mulit-disciplinary Child Abuse Team working closely with other jurisdictions to quickly and efficiently bring child molesters and abusers to jail.

Our Combined Expertise

In January 2005, Mr. Ferrell and Mrs. Schiwitz joined forces, combining their years of experience and knowledge of Scott and surrounding counties to form Ferrell Court Services, LLC. Our partnership has been approved by area judges to serve civil process in Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Northern Arkansas, Western Tennessee and Western Kentucky.

In addition to serving civil process, we have conducted interviews and taken statements in accidental death cases for area attorneys.

Other services include serving subpoenas, summons, garnishments and Landlord notice to vacate. Any non-actionable civil court order(those not requiring action by the Sheriff's Office, such as levying on property or real estate sales) can be handled by Ferrell Court Services.

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