Our Services

Service Information

Service Fees: payable to Ferrell Court Services, LLC. Check for pre-paid service fee can be sent with your pleadings directly to the court.

The Clerks will prepare the appropriate court paper(Summons, Subpoena) to attach to your pleadings and notify us that we have papers for service. We will pick them up the same day we are notified they are ready for service.

We will make every effort to serve the papers in one or two attempts; however, if the person is avoiding service or we have to make numerous attempts to obtain service, we will bill you for additional service fees(mileage at IRS rate will apply).

Any information you can provide other than home address will be helpful in keeping your cost at a minimum, such as place of employment, working shift, or other contact information.

Service Fee

Pre-payment required on all services. Rush service is available at an additional cost.

We will be available for pre-trial or pre-disposition interviews. We will also conduct professional interviews and submit a typed report to you for case preparation, pre-trial motions, etc.

We can serve papers for you in Scott, New Madrid, Stoddard, Mississippi, or Cape Girardeau counties.

Competitive Rates

Contact us for a no-obligation quote for service.