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Why Use A Private Process Server?

Everyone has at one time or another had the unpleasant experience of dealing with the working of a slow-moving government bureaucracy, and more particularly employees who have no enthusiasm for their jobs. We seem to have been reduced to a mere number instead of a human being.

When your civil process has been filed and issued by a clerk of a court, it usually is sent to a local sheriff for service. Few sheriffs have civil divisions, and even if they do, they are staffed by poorly trained individuals who do not know the proper ways to serve some of the papers they are given for service. If you are lucky, the deputy might try the address once and then the paper is forgotten. Many times, these papers lie around the office or in a deputy’s car for weeks without even the initial attempt at service. Often they are returned as "not served", because the court date is approaching and the time for service is passed. You have now wasted a month or six weeks of your time and are no closer to resolving your dispute that you were on the date you filed the papers with the clerk.

The private process server wants to find and serve the people you need served. It is our only business. We do not deal with county jails or inmates; we don’t provide bailiffs for the court system; we don’t investigate homicides or burglaries. Our only job is to serve the papers that the court issues for our clients. Once issued, the private process server gets out into the field and serves the papers quickly and professionally; no uniforms or marked cars to intimidate or scare the people we serve. We can blend into the community and quickly and quietly serve the civil process you need served.

Once served, we note the date, time and manner of service on the original court-issued paper and return it to the Court. We fax or mail a copy of the paper we have served to our client or attorney for their file. You will know that your civil process has been served and can plan to attend court on the scheduled hearing date. Attorneys particularly like to have the copy for their case file. If the court staff fails to get the original into the court file, the client has a copy of the original with our return on it, showing good and timely service. Some clients request personal service, which is not a problem for a private process server. The client may request to be notified by cell phone immediately upon service. Some clients request fax or telephone service to their business office during regular business hours as soon as practical after service. The private process server is your friend and is here to accommodate you, the client.

Clients can maintain contact with the private process server by phone to the office number or to the cell phone of the servers. We publish our numbers and have voice mail on every line and encourage our clients to leave messages. If we have difficulty locating or serving an individual, we will give the client a call, asking for any additional information that may be helpful in getting the person served. We keep you updated on the progress of your cases. We are here to accommodate you, our clients We routinely serve after 5:00 pm, to make contact with the individuals as they get home after work. Ours is not a 9 to 5 business.

Our fees are competitive with other servers and usually less that the sheriff charges. If the charge is higher than the sheriff’s charge, consider what you are getting – isn’t your time as valuable as anybody else’s? Your stress and anxiety will certainly be lower when you deal with a private process server. You can be assured that your business is important to us. Consider what your time and your patience are worth when deciding whether to deal with a local sheriff’s department who isn’t interested in your personal problems. The next time you need service, contact us. We are as close as your telephone, an e-mail or court referral.

Our services are available to the public and attorneys. We offer assistance to individuals who need help filling out small-claims petitions, wage garnishment requests and other court papers. We usually accomplish service within 72 hours of receiving the process from the court clerk.

We provide notarized Affidavits of Service when requested by the attorney or the court.

A Process Server

If you are not familiar with the concept of process service, allows us to give you some important information. Nearly every private process server in the United States, as a dedicated business, belongs to a professional association. A highly respected process server organization with a very select membership is the National Association of Professional Process Servers, or NAPPS. We are members of NAPPS and retaining membership requires professionalism and honesty in our industry.

Types of Servers

A process server who will accept your job and then locate another process server in the area where the process is addressed. The professional server will make arrangements with a local server for service of your papers. Unfortunately at this point, and all too often, the client has lost control of the process due to outsourcing to inexperienced servers who lack training or vested interest in the quality of service performed.

These sub-contracted under performers are called spin doctors. They advertise as local process servers with nominal rates only to charge a percent for an undelivered job and then charge for additional attempts, additional mileage, and additional forms of rush or priority service, etc. Furthermore, these sub-contracted spin doctors are alleged to be fly-by-night operations who might bow out of business when you have important questions regarding your papers. What if you have a question or concern regarding service of your papers?

In the process serving industry we know that networking can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. This is the reason the majority of the industry has gone to a pre-pay basis.

A professional who stands by the original quote in all but the most difficult situations. Pre-pay avoids confusion and price-gouging of the client.

At Ferrell Court Services you deal directly with us or a member of the NAPPS organization with whom we deal regularly and can vouch for their character, professionalism and quality of service.

In addition, we do not perform any "additional" services without your prior approval. We maintain contact with our clients and can answer your questions and address your concerns about your situation. We are not attorneys, but we have been involved in law enforcement, and closely aligned with legal professionals for a combined total of over 70 years.

Ferrell Court Services can routinely handle a 100 mile operating area from our home base in Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri. Other areas we serve include Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Northern Arkansas, Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee.

As you look for the best rate for service, take into consideration that you will deal directly with our process servers, on a personal basis; we are easily contacted by cell phone; and your service time can be reduced from weeks to usually within 72 hours.

For professional and expedient personalized service, give us a call.
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